"Inclinations," University of Maryland University College. 2010.

Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

Forest of the Mind
Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center
April 9 thru June 2, 2012 (Artist Talks, May 5, 1:00pm)
Laura G. Thorne and Marcia Wolfson-Ray

Featuring artwork by Laura G. Thorne and Baltimore-based Marcia Wolfson Ray. The exhibition entices viewers with complex interplay among natural forms and materials, industrial surfaces, rhythms, patterns, light, and mysteries rich with imagination. Each working in her own way, Thorne and Wolfson-Ray's artworks meet in their embrace of mystery, improvisation, and in their ability to cast the familiar into different contexts, pushing seemingly ordinary materials and objects into newness and sublime beauty. Preview...

Artist Statement

In my art, sculpture or works on paper I contrast and combine handmade, found and fabricated objects (forms and materials), to create works that are at once familiar and mysterious. My materials include steel, bronze, aluminum, glass, stone, ceramic, even feathers; whatever works with the content and scale of the piece or print. Sometimes contrasting elements are combined; sometime they are used in aggregate to create unique aesthetic forms that reflect my preoccupation with harmony and balance, complexity and diversity. Laura G. Thorne, 2009

"Regarding Inclinations, as the building is the administrative space for an educational institution, I wanted to combine objects that created a dialog about classic geometry, creativity, beginnings, ideas, the intersection of nature and the manmade world, and to push the viewer to think about the images assembed here and their relationship to each other and the whole. At the same time I wanted to make a reference to the reflective and aspiring architecture... all in this prominent space."

"Forget about the changes in key and just play along within the range of the idea." Ornette Coleman in "Seeing Jazz;" (Smithsonian Institution), as quoted on the work of Laura G. Thorne.

 US Botanical Garden Exhibition - "Flora: Growing Inspiration." Washington DC. June 23 through October 19, 2009.